Thursday 14 September 2023

Nakajima Ki-84 "Hayate" by Jean Barby

Hot off the press, here is my rendition of a Ki-84 from the 10th fighter Training Hikotai based in Kita-Ise, in August 1945. The Hasegawa kit has been improved with the SBS cockpit set, the model has been riveted and all markings were made using homemade masks. I have used the Life-decals 48-031 as a pattern for the white tail markings. As there is no picture of the complete aircraft, I let the spinner in light green like the propeller. The figurines are from Sol. I am now finished with the updates of my Japanese models. 

- Jean Barby -


Anonymous said...

Thanks guys for the comments😂😂

Honza78 said...

Hayate looks absolutely fabulous. It's amazing to see a different machine than the ones you normally see and know. Great work, as always.