Wednesday 1 November 2023

Mitsubishi ‘Babs’ Volume II by Giuseppe Picarella

Received the other day my complimentary copy of the latest MMP release, dedicated to the Mitsubishi "Babs". 

Title: Mitsubishi "Babs" vol. 2,  The world’s first high-speed strategic reconnaissance aircraft
Authors: Giuseppe Picarella
Illustratior: Giuseppe Picarella
Format: 30X21cm, hardback, 246 pages, all in colour
Published by Mushroom Model Publications, 2023

As the author himself explains, the second volume...
...completes the history of the entire family of Babs aircraft – Ki-15-I, Karigane-I, K-15-II, Karigane-II, C5M1, C5M2 and Ki-15-III.
Following on directly from last year's Vol. I of the series (ISBN 9788366549739), this 248-page second volume reveals the Babs in unparalleled detail for the very first time. Supported with more than 140 photos, 77 original pieces of (1/72nd, 1/48th, and 1/32nd scale) full-colour artwork, including 38 full-page illustrations, five cutaways and 55 original blueprints, spread across eight chapters, which detail:
1. The history of the aircraft within 19 operational units and higher organizations of the Imperial Japanese Navy.
2. The inaccurate and confusing coverage of Babs by the Allied Technical Air Intelligence Centre and the Western press.
3. A unique and overlooked Soviet field report and photographs of a captured Ki-15-I airframe.
4. A highly detailed technical description of the aircraft’s complete structure, powerplants, systems and cockpit layouts, broken down across each sub-variant. 
5. A complete pilot’s operating manual and cockpit layout.
6. A reappraisal of the aircraft’s actual dimensions and performance figures, which corrects and expands upon the basic performance capabilities of this groundbreaking aircraft.
7. A detailed overview of Babs production figures and construction numbers, which reveals new production totals.
8. An overview of post-war Babs models, memorabilia and memorials. 
What started out as just an introductory chapter for my planned series of books on the Mitsubishi Ki-46 Dinah, rapidly grew into this two-volume set, spread over 440 pages with 136 new pieces of artwork, 265 photos and reference to more than 60 individual units and operators of the Babs! While this surprised even me, the biggest revelation has been the rediscovery of an almost forgotten chapter of aviation history – the development of the world’s first high-speed strategic reconnaissance aircraft. 
Whether you’re an aviation historian, modeller or engineer, I hope you enjoy this new book, and I look forward to where the Dinah story takes me.

Take a look HERE for a preview of the contents

Always happy to see new books about Japanese airplanes getting released. The second volume is mostly about the IJNAF "Babs" and is heavily technical. Accompanies perfectly the 1st volume and together they offer the very best reference source for the type. If it took Joe two books of a total 300+ pages on the "Babs", I'm too scared to imagine how many books he's going to release on the "Dinah".


Thank you very much, Joe and MMP for the copy.

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Kevin Bade said...

Got my pre-order in for this one. If its anywhere as good as Volume #1 it'll be a real winner. Mr. Picarella does great research.