Thursday 29 February 2024

Nakajima J1N "Gekko" & IJNAF weapons pt. 1

A quite interesting set of photos was recently on sale on eBay. 
Let's start with the weapons.
This is a Navy Type 92 Lewis Light Machine Gun. It "was mounted on an adjustable tripod and issued to the Japanese Navy. It is a copy of the British Pattern 1914 Lewis light machine gun." For more, check here.

This is a Navy Type 97 Fixed Machine Gun. "A licenced copy of the Vickers Class E machine gun, firing a 7.7 mm x 56 mm rimmed round." For more, check here.

Next up is a set of photos of Navy Type 99 20mm Aircraft Cannons field-modified and employed in the anti-aircraft role.

More Navy Type 99 20mm cannons. In the photo below the whole tail gunner's position of a G4M "Betty" has been mounted on a frame. Can't really imagine why.

In the photo below, the dorsal turret of a "Betty" has been placed in a foxhole to act as a defensive position or something?
Really weird photos.

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ZeroTheHero said...

It's strange that the IJN chose the TERRIBLE Type 96 25mm as an AA weapon, when the US used the 20mm Oerlikon for the same purpose...(much like the Type 99 20mm is mounted here...) -Would've also eased some logistics issues if the IJN had used the 20mm instead as well...

Maybe the tail gun section was mounted on that frame to facilitate some gunnery training?? -Just a guess...

The dorsal turret in the foxhole makes sense if you don't have a tripod to mount the 20mm on...and if low on supplies/material, do what you can with what you have.