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Kawanishi N1K "Kyofu" (Rex) & Mitsubishi F1M "Pete" - video

A bunch of seaplanes found in badly damaged condition at Imajuku, Fukuoka Prefecture, at the end of the war.
They are Kawanishi N1K "Kyofu" (Rex) and Mitsubishi F1M (Pete) seaplanes. Only the tail markings on a couple "Petes" are visible and they show the letters "KEA-38", which means they belonged to the 901 Kokutai
The unit was organized on December 15, 1943, at Tateyama for patrol and ship escort missions. In the beginning, it was equipped with 24 "Nell" and 12 "Mavis" flying boats. Later it received a variety of types and in May 1945 the unit had no less than 212 planes. 
In the middle of June 1944, the 901Ku moved to Donggang, Pingtung County, Taiwan, and then to Maizuru, Kyoto Prefecture where they sent various dispatch units to different locations. The main mission of the unit was sea patrol and the protection of the south-west ship routes.
On January 1, 1945, it merged with the 254Ku, 953Ku and 954Ku and on March 1, 1945, the unit had 24 carrier fighters, 24 interceptors, 24 carrier attackers, 24 "Nell" and "Betty" bombers, 64 "Jake" floatplanes, 40 Kyushu Q1W "Tokai" and 12 flying boats. On June 1, the unit had a mixed force of 12 carrier fighters, 12 "Nell" and "Betty", 80 "Jake" and 42 "Tokai".

Thanks to Józef Nawrocki for spotting the video and to our good friend Jan Kanov for helping out.

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W artykule jest podana nazwa Nell jako łódź latająca, a to przecież kod amerykański samolotu Mitsubishi G3M.

Jerzy Gierasimczuk