Sunday 29 April 2012

Questions #2

Our dedicated fan Harold K from the States sent us the following:

"Perhaps the Arawasi files or a blog reader can provide some information about the service record of the Aichi E10A (Hank) flying boat.
I have read that this type was taken out of service before the Pearl Harbor attack. I assume that means front line service (replaced by the E11A); but I would expect that some continued into the Pacific War period as trainers or on other second-line duties. Can anyone confirm that?
Is it know if the E10A saw any combat use against Chinese forces during the years (1936 to 1941) that it was a front line type?"

ARAWASIブログの読者 Harold K さんからメッセージを受け取りました。


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Harold K said...

Well ...
It seems no one knows any more about the "Dave" and its service record :(