Monday 28 January 2013

Nakajima B5N "Kate", Kure Kaigun Kokutai

Three stills from a movie on UTube (link, 06:30) of a Type 97 Carrier Attack Bomber or Nakajima B5N "Kate" belonging to the Kure Ku as indicated by the katakana "ク" (KU) on the tail. The aircraft does not seem to be NMF on the lower surfaces but it is probably painted green-top, gray-bottom. Note the fuselage hinomaru with the square surround, painted parallel to the ground, not following the a/c centre-line, and the absence of surrounds on the wing hinomaru. Probably yellow tail marking with the two digits "14" repeated on the leg covers and black cowling.
(The aircraft carrier looks like "Akagi" to me. Corrections welcome.)

Emilio & Sidnei add that the scene is from the movie "Hawai Mare oki kaisen" (here). Thank you both very much for the information.

One more still that confirms that the katakana on the tail is a "KU"; not a "TA".

The Kure Ku begun as a brunch of the Sasebo Ku on Apil 1, 1925.
On June 1, 1931 the unit became independent and received the name "Kure Kaigun Kokutai". It was basically a unit equipped with seaplanes patrolling Setonai (here) and equip with Kure based ships with aircraft. 
In 1934 an airfield was also constructed and land-based aircraft like Zero-sen and "Kates" were also based there.
On May 5, 1945 the unit was dissolved.


Milo Burgh said...

It can´t be the Akagi. It is a propagand movie, filmed after Midway. I am sure I read somewhere this film history. I´ll check.

Arawasi said...

Thanks Emilio. Do share more information. Could it be a movie set with a model aircraft not an actual plane? Pretty damn well done if you ask me, and the markings look most realistic.

Milo Burgh said...

Two details:
The hinomaru over white was used in Japan, no overseas.
The wings seems to have yellow markings in the leading edge, so the plane is at least from late 1942. It seems to me that the bridge is a mockup. The youtube showns several "true" scenes, and several that are fake. Do you see at the film end how there is no bow wave from the "carrier"? It is not sailing. The movie may be this one: “Hawai-Marei Oki Kaisen” (“Hawaii-Malay Sea Battle”), released by Toho Film Co in early December 1942, but may be another.

Sidnei said...

Hi all.
This link have some info about this movie:

Sidnei, from Brazil

Arawasi said...

Hello Sidnei.
thank you for the link that confirms what Emilio said i.e. a scene is from the movie "Hawai Mare oki kaisen". Tell Mr. Aiken that unfortunately he is not correct. I just posted another still from the movie that confirms that the katakana on the tail is a "KU" not a "TA". Therefore the unit is Kure Ku as is the in-flight "KU-320".