Tuesday 13 August 2013

Hirosho H1H1

A photo from a vintage publication of a Navy Type 15 Flying Boat or Hirosho H1H1, one of the most successful pre-War flying boats of the Japanese Navy (Wiki). This one belongs to the YokosukaKu as indicated by the katakana "ヨ" (YO) on the tail, fuselage and wings. Other units that operated the type are TateyamaKu, SaseboKu and SaeikiKu.
The last one was organised on December 1, 1937 in Saiki,Oita, North West Kyushu, to protect ships leaving the Kure Naval Arsenal. Tail marking of the SaekiKu was "サヘ" (SAHE). 

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Harold K said...

Thanks for both the photo and the Wiki link. The British influence is obvious in the photo; I was not surprised to see Felixstowe when I went to Wiki.