Monday 7 October 2013

Nakajima A6M2-N by Verena Wirnig

I built the 1/48 kit from Tamiya.  It was an old kit, in a 5 boxed-set. My Rufe is the A6M2-N 802 Kokutai NI-118.
I added to this old kit a new resin motor from vector, which is superb. Vector has not only the Sakae 21, but also most Japanese aero engines. (
The gunsight (Type 98) was also replaced by one from Fine Molds. The Seatbelts arefrom Fine Molds, too. The masks are from Montex. This company has also a wide range of masks for Japanese Aircrafts. (
Verena Wirnig - Vienna, Austria


Jean barby said...

Very well done, thanks for sharing!

Panagiotis said...

Very nice model indeed!

fugaku said...

I have this kit in the stash - great to see one built up. The Rufe is one of my very favourite Japanese aircraft too - good work!