Sunday 21 December 2014


2015, the year of the sheep. 
The past year was fairly productive for Arawasi with our latest publication on the "Willow" coming out in May, more than 200 postings and a brand new quite surprising publication that we have almost finished but will come out early next year. Stay tuned!
We also travelled a lot, visited Athens, Vienna/Austria, Bali/Jakarta/Indonesia and met some good friends for the first time in person: Zygmunt, Bernhard and Verena. 
We would like to thank one more time the guys of IPMS Austria, Sinang Aribowo and Iwan Winarta from Indonesia for all their hospitality.
As always we would also like to thank everybody who left a comment: Alcides, Jean Barby, Peter Dasso, Harold K, Oleg Pegushin, Fluffy, Sosezi, Seawings, Bernhard, Scott, George Bryant, Devlin, David Brizzard, Jacob, Lish, Chuang Shyue Chou, Kalle Kindel, Andrey Temnyy, maxwgreen, Bob D., Jon Yuengling, Iskender, Ryan B, F_IV, fugaku, Hakan, GeeBee, Thomas Hall, Junchan and Panagiotis.
A special "thank you" should go to everybody who contributed to our blog: our good friends Devlin Chouinard and Zygmunt  Szeremeta, Panagiotis Koubetsos-Greece for his exquisite models, Bernhard Tomaschitz-Austria for his excellent Zoukei Mura "Raiden" presentation but also Samo Štempihar-Slovenija, Mark Jahsan-USA, Oleg Pegushin-Russia, István Tekler-Hungary, Kalle Kindel-Estonia, Vance Gilbert-USA, Andrey Temnyy-Kazakhstan, Jean Barby-France, Stefan Müller-Germany, Jacob Terlouw-Holland, Argyris Giannetakis-Greece, Vangelis Vassilopoulos-Greece, Chen Su-China, Igor Kabic-Canada, Andrei Kazinets-Belarus, Cameron Lohmann-USA and Fabrice Fanton - France. Aslo Dharshana Jayawardena from Sri Lanka,Vladimir Martinicky from Slovakia, Samuel Hui from Taiwan, Igor Lish and finaly Tanaka and Kojima-san from Japan.
We are off to another, rather long vacation to Greece and Rome/Italy and we will be back in January. Unfortunately no postings until then but you can reach us in our: address. 


Harold K said...

Thanks George.
Let's hope for a peaceful and prosperous 2015 for all of us.

Bob Alford said...

George and team, I trust you have a great New Year 2015 and that it is a safe, prosperous and bountiful twelve months.

I read your blog daily and am now deep into withdrawal in the absence of your daily inputs over the holiday period...


Bob Alford
Lampang Thailand

Pankoub said...

I was happy to invite George and his wife for dinner in my house during his stay in Greece and get immediate answers to some questions including some translation from Japanese to Greek language. Hearing the couple speaking Japanese-George's wife is Japanese-made me feel great!