Saturday 27 June 2015

Nakajima J1N1-S "Gekko" by István Tekler

In reference to your latest post about IJN night fighters, I am sending some photos of my Fujimi "Gekko" built a few years ago using Eduard PE, Falcon canopy and a lot of scratch built items including optical sight, shrouded exhausts that are completely missing from the kit. Cockpit and wheel wells  required most of the extra details.
Fit was terrible especially at the fuselage spine and engine nacelles. Huge amount of filler used to smooth things out, only the Dragon Do335 needed more among the kits that I've built.
Kit decals were used only for the individual numbers, still could not avoid silvering.
I'd like to build more Gekkos in this scale, but think it is better to wait for a new mould kit to be released one day...
István Tekler - Hungary

Thank you very much István for the photos of your really beautiful model. Excellent work on a quite demanding kit.


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