Sunday 26 June 2016

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 001

ARAWASI would like to invite you to our 1st online model contest.

CLICK: Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 001 TO SEE ALL ENTRIES
Theme: Japanese Prototype & Experimental Aircraft in any scale (no what-ifs)*.
Submissions: Send as many photos as you like of your model and accompanying information to or At the very least please send: your name and country, model scale and kit maker. Your entry will be posted within 24 hours. You can enter the contest with more than one model in any scale.
Voting: you can vote for each model from 1 to 5 either by leaving a comment on each entry or by sending an email to the above addresses. No anonymous votes will be taken into account (nicknames are ok). The model with the most points wins.
Deadline: The end of August (but if many of you demand more time, extension is possible. So, leave a comment).  
Prizes: The winner (or winners) will receive a book and a model from our on-line store, free of any charge, courtesy of Arawasi.

*Allow me to elaborate to avoid confusion.
1. Apart from the actual prototypes that were built and tested, the IJAAF and IJNAF had a number of projects and designs that never left the drawings board or were just considered. Models of all these are within the theme of this competition. In other words, whatever prototypes or experimental aircraft the Japanese considered, designed or built at that time. A "Fugaku" or a "Ginga" with an "Ohka" in its belly are in; a twin-boom Zero is not. 
2. Markings & paintjob. Prototypes and experimental planes usually had very specific markings, those of the Kugisho of the IJNAF for example, or no markings at all. Therefore a KEN-3 in 244Sentai markings falls into the "what-if" category as the type was never assigned to that unit. There is more leeway for the markings of design-only X-planes or for those no photos exist. But again it is advisable to study the way other X-planes looked before starting to work on the paintjob or to apply markings. Or, preferably, start a posting here with the model you intend to build and ask questions. For example all the markings for the Mansyu Ki-98 supplied in the Meng kit fall in the "what-if" category. Extremely unlikely the IJAAF to have supplied the Thai airforce with the type!
The above does not mean that a model of a Japanese X-plane in "what-if" markings or paintjob will not be accepted in the competition but personally I would subtract at least 0.5 points in the voting.
Since we plan to organize more online modeling contests (the theme for the next one will be "what-ifs") we would really like to hear your suggestions, ideas etc.


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea.

Question I like to post under anonymous, but I always sign my nickname. Can I still vote?

Wind Swords

Arawasi said...

Certainly, Wind Swords!

David Brizzard said...

Why not use your real name. It would be good to know who is making
the comments, or votes.

Anonymous said...

After seeing in person what can happen to some who give away there identity I choose to have a username. I have been Wind Swords (or windswords) since 1997 on many forums: aircraft, autos, political, music, film & TV, etc. So my postings and opinions can easily be found, and therefore are not hidden, but my true identity I prefer to keep private.

To each his own,
Wind Swords

David Brizzard said...

I can respect that. However, I have never seen your username outside
of this site. What other aircraft sites have you posted on. I would
like to see your other comments. Thanks.

Arawasi said...

Easy guys! Let's start building!

Anonymous said...

Not a problem: /Early Aircraft Projects sub forum I have been posting here since 2005-6 but they clean out the old postings so instead of 100+ postings I have only 30 something). (this is the link to the "Japan at War 1895-1945" sub forum. several sub forums.
(If you go to the /Model Making/Jupiter 2 models subsection you can see my detail build up of the Polar Lights J2). especially the /World War II - Aviation/Aviation sub forum. (have not posted here in a long time) "A Different Perspective" - lively UFO debate between believers and skeptics. I have a lot more postings in 2015 then 2016.

So although I don't want to give away my identity I have no trouble giving away my opinions! :)

Wind Swords

Bob Alford said...

Great idea George and crew - for both the online model contest and the call for a bit of respect for others' personal preferences.

I'm looking forward to seeing the range of models that emerge from the workshops.


Bob Alford
Lampang Thailand