Saturday 24 September 2016

2016 “Supercon”

2016 “Supercon”
September 10, 2016

Arlington, Texas
Sponsored by the IPMS Fort Worth Scale Modelers
This year's show had a reasonable turnout with plenty to be seen, bought, traded, and so on. As far as Japanese aircraft, all entries were single engine types. The Kyofu is one plane you don't see every time, neither is a crashing Zero complete with a very blood spattered cockpit! The little A5M and Ki-27 caught my eye, as did a Ki-61. (Note entry form under the latter, rather curious, yes?) Both early and late versions of the ubiquitous A6M were represented.
No experimental or “what if” types this time.
If anyone sees their model pictured please share some info about it.
On to the photos!
Devlin Chouinard

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