Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku - Mitsubishi G4M - Rabaul - Video

Another short clip from the NHK collection, dated May 25, 1943, featuring Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku during his visit to the IJNAF base in Rabaul. At 00:26 he is seen seating next to Vice Admiral Kusaka Jinichi, commander in chief, Japanese Southeast Area Fleet, who had arrived in Rabaul on 8 October 1942 as commander of the Eleventh Air Fleet.
From 00:30 a number of Mitsubishi G4M1 "Rikko" (Betty) are seen taking off but we were not able to pinpoint the unit they belong to. One tail marking seems to be "T-331" (or "T-351") which would indicate it belongs to Takao Ku but although the unit was in Rabaul from September 22, 1942 until October 1 when they were re-designated 753Ku, on October 31 the unit left Rabaul and relocated to Kendari in Sulawesi and Java.
During the "I-Go" Operation the two "Betty" units involved were the 751st and the 705th Kokutai, with different tail markings.  


David Brizzard said...

Another great film clip. Thanks again.

Jan Kaňov said...

Superb. Thx.