Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku - Mitsubishi G4M - Rabaul - Video

Another short clip from the NHK collection, dated May 25, 1943, featuring Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku during his visit to the IJNAF base in Rabaul. At 00:26 he is seen seating next to Vice Admiral Kusaka Jinichi, commander in chief, Japanese Southeast Area Fleet, who had arrived in Rabaul on 8 October 1942 as commander of the Eleventh Air Fleet.
From 00:30 a number of Mitsubishi G4M1 "Rikko" (Betty) are seen taking off but we were not able to pinpoint the unit they belong to. One tail marking seems to be "T-331" (or "T-351") which would indicate it belongs to Takao Ku but although the unit was in Rabaul from September 22, 1942 until October 1 when they were re-designated 753Ku, on October 31 the unit left Rabaul and relocated to Kendari in Sulawesi and Java.
During the "I-Go" Operation the two "Betty" units involved were the 751st and the 705th Kokutai, with different tail markings.  


David Brizzard said...

Another great film clip. Thanks again.

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Superb. Thx.