Sunday 25 December 2016


50% off!!!

For one month and until we are out of stock ALL Maru Mechanic titles from #1 to #37, featuring Japanese aircraft are no more $US25 but..............only $US12*.  

For those who encounter this series for the first time, all the titles are in Japanese and were released from 1976~1984 so please don't expect any English text or mint condition.

Send over a list of the titles you are interested in to:

*postage not included, but no postage charge for orders of more than five titles.
**missing numbers are those of German or US a/c. For a full list check here.

That's all folks. Thank you all for your support.


Honza78 said...

Hello. I do not speak English differently than the compiler.
I understand that the event will last until January 24, 2017 ?? A unit price is $ 12?

Ps: All the best and all that will be needed by 2017. Sincerely Jan.

Arawasi said...

Hi Jan,
all the best to your too.
Yes, that's right. Until January 24, 2017 or until our stock is gone, all MM are $US12.

Honza78 said...

Thank you for answer. J.