Tuesday 20 December 2016

Collector's Items

Vintage, rare and interesting kits from the Japanese Ebay.

First up kits in 1/100.

Fuji, "Hayabusa"
Fuji, "Hien"

Fuji, "Toryu"

Fuji, "Shiden-kai"

Fuji, "Toryu"
Marusan, "Shoki"

The "Dinah" kit by Nakamura is in 1/75 but the Zero with the horrible box art is of unknown scale.

 A Fujimi Zero in 1/72.

A Marusan Zero in 1/50.

A JN Model "Saiun" resin kit in 1/48.

And ODK "Toryu" and an KSN "Shoki" of unknown scale.

Three quite unusual "kits".
A "Hien" by Marutaka in 1/9.14 (!!!) scale. The RC "kit" includes just pieces of wood.

A lovely "Zero Acrobat" by Sharp. As can be seen from the instructions, the kit includes a motor and a swing arm for maximum fun! They just don't make them like this any more...

And finally a Sindo Zero "glider" from styrofoam.

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D. Chouinard said...

A very interesting collection!