Saturday 1 April 2017

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 004 - ALLAN JEFFERY

Built  quite a few years ago from the old Arii kit. One of my favorites from the Arii range..

This is my old  ( 20 years ago) Hasegawa "Oscar" in 1/32

and a more recent 1:48th version from Nichimo.

Allan "The Kit Slayer" Jeffery


Honza78 said...

Beautiful models, just a shame the bad photos. :(

All 4,1.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Jan. Maybe we can request just one model per submission, as it is very difficult to judge multiple models which are built at different times from different kits and scales, etc.

I will vote 4.4 for the 1:48 scale Nichimo only. A very good example of a Hayabusa model 1.

Wind Swords

Arawasi said...

Guys, every modeller can take part in each contest with as many models as they wish. It's mostly a chance to show their work and therefore I think it's best to leave the presentation completely to them. Photo size and quality is up to each modeller. Ofcourse the presentation is very important and affects the voting and hopefully the modellers too have something to learn here. Bad photos of an excellent model cost points. Since I don't want to place childish restrictions every modeller is responsible for the presentation and we can share our observations in the comments.
To all modellers: please remember, if you want to change something in the post with your models, just send over an email. If you took better photos of your model and you want to change them, just send them over and I'll be happy to do so.
Personally I find all the entries very inspirational and I'm quite happy to see so many Hayabusa models!

The kit slayer said...

Jan,I look forward to learning from your photos when they are posted.

D. Chouinard said...

I give them a 4.5. Yes, photo quality matters, however I try to look past that. Not always easy at times, but not everyone has the best camera or lighting.

Arawasi said...

The bottom 64th Sentai, 1stLt Nakamura Saburo, kit is my favorite; 4.6. The other two very nice for their age; 4.0

Calin Ungureanu said...

Very well executed cammo on the first two models.
I like the most the last one though.
I give 4.8 for this one.

Fluffy said...

The first is a nice 4.5 and the two 4.0. Being inspired to build!

Unknown said...

Great subjects and builds!
Better photos would definitely bring out more of the finer details from your builds.
4.0, 4.0 and 4.5 for me.