Monday 24 April 2017

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 004 - MIROSLAV ZAJIC

Hi everybody
This Ki-43 II "Oscar" is 1/48 from Hasegawa. It is my first serious test of metal surface.
Camo: 54th Flight regiment 3rd squadron, aircraft of Captain Koshiishi Hisashi, Spring 1944, Kashiwabara air base Paramushir island.
Best regards from Czech Republic
Miroslav Zajíc


D. Chouinard said...

Very nice! 4.8

Anonymous said...

This is dome of the best weathering I've seen, right down to the weathered Hinomaru's. 4.8

Wind Swords

Honza78 said...

I can not. . . . Vote 5 points!

Beautiful work!

Unknown said...

Good work.

Oh no... Not good work but very very nice work! :)



Jacob said...

Very nice but....


Pankoub said...

Well, the pattern looks nice but the effect on the filler caps is a little overdone. Also the undersurfaces needed more weathering. I like the look of the finihed model. 4.1..

Fluffy said...

4.5 nice work!

Arawasi said...

4.5 from me too.

Unknown said...

Nice work, great work on the Hinomaru!
Likewise for weathering around the fuel tank areas, it feels a bit overdone.
In my opinion, more overall weathering is needed to match this.
4.3 for me.