Sunday 27 August 2017

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 005 - Prof. NEMISIS GOOSEHABIT

This is the old (1967) Tamiya 1:50 scale "Pete". Straight out of the box build. I used this build to learn and see how I would weather my later Hasegawa (1:48th) offering. The weathering has all but disappeared in the photographs but is quite distinct when viewed in daylight. 
As a learning tool it was a fun build and showed how much Tamiyas, engineering has improved over the 50 years since they issued this kit.
I also found the colour scheme interesting as it was from a profile showing the only "Pete" that featured an all black cowling. Every other picture I could find had an overall green or grey. I also liked the idea of the unpainted center float.
Hopefully I'll be able to finish my "Rufe" before the deadline and if anyone knows more about the cowling colours on the "Pete" I would be most interested.
- Prof. Nemisis Goosehabit -


Arawasi said...

Excellent model! I like it! 4.5

D. Chouinard said...

Interesting, I have never seen a "Pete" with a black cowling. 4.5

Honza78 said...

Beautiful plane and great work. 4.6.

Anonymous said...

Nice, straight-forward build - 4.7.
I built this model in 1977. In my recollection it was offered as 1/48 at that time, and it took me years to realize that it's 1/50.
I like the weathering which seems OK for a sea-going plane. IJNAF greens are not usually strongly degraded when you judge from pictures of actual service planes. They look pretty well maintained. The impression of strong wear may stem from the war-end scrap heaps photographed by the US forces. I'd be very conservative with chipping and bleaching.

Michael Thurow said...

Forgot to say that I miss the rigging but you said it's a test built so maybe was not worth the effort. Attractive model nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

Good effort. 4.5

Wind Swords

Jacob said...

Considering its age- a fine kit. I guess the black cowling is o.k. as you can see it in M.A 565
Another difference is the color of the unit code- yellow! I'd say floatplanes are fun and so is this one. 4.7

Fluffy said...

Good work. 4.7