Tuesday 6 February 2018

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 007 - DEREK COOPER #1

This is the famous "Koga's Zero" (aka the Akutan Zero) in 1/72 scale made from the new-tool Airfix kit, with decals from the spares box. For those who do not already know, this was the first Zero to be evaluated by the Allies (but not actually the first to be captured intact, more of which anon...). The unfortunate Koga Tadeyoshi was participating in the Japanese attack on the Aleutians in June 1942 when he was obliged to make a forced landing on the island of Akutan. He mistook a swamp for a safe landing area, and his aircraft flipped over on landing, killing him instantly.
The wreck remained undiscovered for over a month, but was then discovered by US forces who deemed the aircraft to be salvageable. It was subsequently shipped to Dutch Harbour and then on to the USA, where it was repaired and test-flown at the San Diego Naval Station. This gave the Allies valuable information about the Zero, including its lack of armour and its comparatively poor diving speed.

- Derek Cooper -
Derek has an impressive collection of captured Japanese aircraft models and we featured some in past posts, here, here, here and here


Toryu said...

Really astonishing how different well-known aircraft look in foreign guise. This one could be mistaking for an SBD. A respectable build (just the antenna mast looks a bit short?) - 4.5

Arawasi said...

Excellent job Derek. 4.5

D. Chouinard said...

The Zero actually carriers off the color scheme rather well. 4.6

Anonymous said...

Very nice rendering and paint work. 4.8

Wind Swords

The kit slayer said...

Good build and finish on an old favourite. 4.4 from me