Saturday, 9 February 2019

"Toraware no Nihonki" #7

There are very very few photos of the last aircraft carrier, USS Core (CVE-13), ferrying Japanese planes back to the US. I knew only of two but I recently discovered one on the net (exact address unknown, sorry). 
photo #40
We can see many interesting aircraft that we knew ended up in the States but were not sure with exactly which ship. I can see on the left side the Kawanishi N1K "Kyofu", a Kawasaki Ki-100 (as Michael suggested) right behind, followed by an Aichi M6A "Seiran". I can't make out the last plane but Jacob suggested she might be a Tachikawa Ki54c "Hickory".
On the other side across the "Seiran" is an Aichi E16A "Zuiun". I can also see at least two Mitsubishi Ki-67 "Hiryu" bombers. I'm not sure about the big tails in front of them.
The other photo taken on board USS Core I knew of is the one below from THIS site and shows a Yokosuka MXY-7 "Ohka" two-seat trainer in front of a "Hiryu".
photo #41
Two more photos, from the San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives, of the "Hiryu" once in the States.
photo #42
photo #43


Michael Thurow said...

Hi George, I'm not sure if the second one is a Tsurugi. It has fuel tank/bomb shakles under the wing - a Ki-100?

Jacob said...

Hi George, the last plane, may be the Ki54c Hickory?


HantsBirder said...

Hi George,
Thank you for posting this photo from the deck of USS Core.
I have managed to find it on the internet on a Russian website, link below:

Zooming in on the photo, it looks like the twin engined aircraft at the back may well be a Ki-109.
The general dimensions, shape of engine nacelle, loop antenna and cockpit glazing all look correct for a Ki-67.
The nose has no glazing, leading me to believe that it is either a Ki-109 or modified Ki-67.

The nearest tailplane on the right look like another Kawanishi N1K "Kyofu".
Behind it, the other tailplane looks like another Ki-67 Hiryu...possibly the one in photo #41.

It's difficult to be certain, but these are my thoughts...