Tuesday 17 September 2019

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 012 - ISTVAN TEKLER #2

My second entry is a Hasegawa 1/72 Mitsubishi Ki-67 "Hiryu" (Peggy). This is a much better detailed kit than the "Donryu". As there is always room for improvement, I used an Eduard PE set and a few scratch built parts. This time the lower hatch of the nose was opened. I managed to cut it off without ruining the rest of the clear part. All the markings are painted.
This plane belonged to the 61st Sentai in 1945.
Thanks again for your votes.
- István Tekler -


Arawasi said...

WOW!!!! Absolutely great! It looks more in 1/48. The amount of detail for such a small model is amazing. Another solid 10 from me.

Jacob said...

It's a real beauty, amazing built- a big 10!

Baronvonrob said...

Well Done !..all around excellent work in every aspect.

10 Please !

Michael Thurow said...

Simply impressive! 10

Anonymous said...

This is even better than the Ki-49 Helen (IMO).

My vote is 9.8.

I don't give 10s as that would be perfect and nothing we humans do can be absolutely perfect (I don't like them in the Olympics either). I know some of you disagree but I would point out that because of all the 10 votes on the previous model it is not possible for a better model to win because 10 is the limit of our scale. How do you vote higher than 10? I could end up being the deciding vote because of my votes of 9.5 for the previous model and 9.8 for this one. That does not please me because I don't feel qualified to be the one who decides which is the best. My opinion, like a 10 vote, is not perfect. Something to think about.

At any rate, congratulations István on two excellent models!

Wind Swords

D. Chouinard said...

Another very nice model! One that I find a bit daunting because of the complex series of windows. 10.

Michael Thurow said...

I tend to agree with Wind Swords. It's difficult and discouraging to beat an early contender that has received 10 ratings throughout.
My earlier suggestion was to first present and comment the entries, then after closure ask George to list/link them all with a picture, and have voters select their top three. The model with the most nominations wins. Not sure if this process would be better but it avoids a premature decision.
In the end it's all about showing and enjoying our wonderful creations!

Arawasi said...

In a world where everything is supposed to be relative, this contest is about individual models and how much we like them, INDIVIDUALLY. Your comments and suggestions reflect a way of judging where models are judged in relation to the others in the contest. To me this is at the very least disrespectful to the participants. We are not tasting wedding cakes here to find which we like best. There will always be better models built by someone somewhere and, as I mentioned before, if the models of Panagiotis get a 10, most models in our contests would get on average a 5. But we are not doing that. I repeat that each model is to be judged individually and I won't change that 12 contests later.

Michael Thurow said...

Wow, disrespectful... at the very least...
I didn't think of that in view of a contest. My apologies for a suggestion!

Arawasi said...

Yes, Michael. It is disrespectful. Many modelers as you have seen, sent over photos of their models because they are happy and excited to participate. Some of the models they built when they were young, some more than 20 years ago. In the meantime they have become better but they still send photos of these models because they like what we are doing here. Some of the kits are ancient and they had to work with different material, tools etc. I do not see how we can compare a model somebody did 30 years ago, with a model somebody built within 6 months for the contest and a model somebody built working endlessly for 5 years, to give some examples.

To me, it is disrespectful to compare modelers and their work. This guy is better than this guy or that model is better than that model. I would say that only if there was a specific contest. Like some guys building the same model with the same tools over a certain period of time. But I don't know any such contest and ours is certainly not of this kind.
Would you go in a modeling show in front of a kid's model and say "You know kid, that guy's model is better than yours. He's a pro and has been modeling for 50+ years and you only for a year or so, but it doesn't matter. His is better than yours."? I don't think so. You would probably say "Nice try kid. But check the model of that guy. Why don't you ask him how he did this and that?"

In these contests we see many models. Very few of the modelers actually explain how long it took them to build them, the circumstances etc. So when I see a model I know nothing about, I check if there are any mistakes, any mishaps and if I like it and that's it. Some do explain and they gain my respect for all the effort they put in and extra points ofcourse. But I never compare models.

Anyway, that's just my opinion.
If other guys agree with Michael's suggestion, feel free to speak up. Arawasi is always open to any opinions and suggestions whether we like them or not.

Anonymous said...

Contest - an event in which people compete for supremacy in a sport, activity, or particular quality.

Winner - a person or thing that wins something.

Judge (verb) - to form an estimate or evaluation of.

These are the parameters that have been set up. We have a contest with a winner (who gets a prize) and we are to judge the contestants. To do this and then say we cannot compare ones work with another's is a conundrum that cannot be resolved.

If you wish to just appreciate the models that are submitted without the framework of a contest I am fine with that. I love to look at models and read what the modeler did and the issues he/she had to deal with. I don't need to give a judgement on someones work. I don't even think of myself as an expert and I never criticize but only say what I like. I'm sure the modeler knows far more than I the shortcomings of his project.

My opinion (for what it's worth) is that our options are to continue as we are and judge the work of others towards naming a winner or we change gears and just have a submission and appreciation of the works submitted. I don't believe we can have it both ways. You could, as an option, wait till the end and pick a favorite, with the understanding that it is not necessarily the best work but the one that you personally like the most.

Wind Swords

PS I am familiar with Panagiotis' work. He is IMO one of the best, if not THE best, in skill. I still would not give him a 10 (but certainly 9.9 or even 9.99!), and I'm confident he would take no offense. ;)

The kit slayer said...

A really good effort. Great finish IMHO Inspirational. 9.5