Saturday 21 September 2019

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 012 - SHIMON HALPERIN

Here is my Sonia built from new Wingsy kit. The kit was all inclusive, with etch and masks. Most of the markings I preferred to paint. The excellent Arawasi book is a great reference and I made some small corrections in cockpit (removed second controls in aft cockpit - I built the bomber version and not the trainer)
Hope You like it!
- Shimon Halperin -



Arawasi said...

That's a very very good effort and the camo pattern is spot on. Unfortunately the green should be brown and the brown green.
Here's how this mistake came to be. In issue #8 of our magazine, we had a special on the "Sonia" and a color profile showing the particular aircraft as Shimon has depicted it. Hasegawa got our issue and released a kit in 1/72 with that camo pattern. A few years later we released the first Eagle Eye and we corrected the colors of the camo pattern and featured artwork Watanabe Rikyu himself had created for us (check here:
It seems that Wingsy never bought our Eagle Eye but copied the Hasegawa release. We pointed it out to them on Hyperscale but they released their kit regardless.
So, sorry Shimon but it's a 8.5 from me.
Great effort though!

Jacob said...

Wow, although this mistake, Shimon did a great job on this most elegant Ki51! 8.5

D. Chouinard said...

A really nice model, and other than the color scheme, it appears to be well done. 8.5

Honza78 said...

9. from me.

Anonymous said...

My vote is 9.

I have disregarded the camo color problem as it was unintentional and based off incorrect sources and I don't feel it should be held against the modeler. Other than that it is a fine effort though an easier scale to work in than 1/72. Despite the color issue the painting is very good along with the interior details.

Wind Swords

George Bryant said...

Shimon, well done on one of my favorite aircraft. Fit and finish are excellent, regardless of incorrect colors. A 9.5 for me. Thanks for sharing.

The kit slayer said...

Judging on build and finish only 9. It is a shame that poor information led to a wrong camo scheme.