Thursday 23 April 2020

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 014 - JAN KANOV - WIP #4

The following construction photos show the application of WET transfers. The set is full of tiny details. The following photos are after applying a wash which is a new thing for me, so I tried to be decent.
Next I tackled the engine cowling. The drilled exhausts looked like a princess crown. So I started their improvement and the result is more than satisfactory! On the cowling came a couple of deck guns and as usual, they were made by injection needles, with great results. 
Unfortunately, I made a novice mistake. A friend of mine said that I had the wrong color behind the pilot's head. And I realized it immediately, it is a machine from the Mitsubishi factory!!!!!! So, I reworked the headrest column. I'm happy with the result, although it probably will not be seen at the end, but it does not matter. The last thing I had to think about was how to do the navigation lights. I mean the little monsters on top of the wings. I guess someone in the future will release something to exact revenge on the modellers who spend hours and effort to make them look good from scratch. Finally I went ahead and grinded the shape of a tear from a clear parts tree. I hope you like the result. And that is the end of this fairy tale.

- Jan Kaňov

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