Friday 24 April 2020

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 014 - JAN KANOV

And here's the finished model. The rendition of this well-known aircraft is the result of a search for the two hull colors. I followed one of several theories / conjectures, that the paint had faded due to sun exposure. I decided not to follow the color scheme suggested by Hasegawa. I hope you like the result

- Jan Kaňov, Czech Republic -



Arawasi said...

Thank you Jan for the excellent presentation. Your model looks very beautiful and it shows the work you have put into it. My only objection would be the very faded color of the fabric covered surfaces which in my opinion is a bit excessive. Other than that a great model in every respect. 9.8

Honza78 said...

Thank you very much George for the words of praise, but especially for the words of honest cover.
I would like to ask if I understand what you wrote to me. Do you mean the shade of the control surfaces ?! More precisely the parts with the canvas cover ?! I'm very interested in that. I used the color GSI C035 "IJN Gray (Mitsubishi). The imperceptible shading was due to the partial light transmission with the canvas. What shade would you see as the right one? This is very valuable information for me.

Arawasi said...

Yes, I'm talking about the control surfaces which are covered, not by metal, by fabric. You used a completely different color from the rest of the aircraft (I mean the main color, not the faded one). I've never seen any Zero with that color of rudder, flaps etc. Please wait for a forthcoming post.

D. Chouinard said...

Amazing model! I enjoyed seeing the work that went into it, all of the details. The paint work looks great, weathering is just right. I will echo the comment about the control surfaces: Having see this type of fading in real life, the paint always fades to a different shade of the same color. It has to do with the materials and the way sunlight effects the paint.
So, with that in mind, I will give it 9.8. Very well done!

Honza78 said...

Thank you D. Chouinard.
I'm glad there was nothing against me this time and I was able to finish it.
On the problem of the color of the control surfaces, I hope we dive deeper under the leadership of George. We've talked a bit and I'm looking forward to his presentation. For my part, this is the influence of a certain modeling school. However, I am flexible and happy to adapt to the right solution. After all, we learn all our lives. ;)