Sunday 16 August 2020

IJAAF & IJNAF wrecked aircraft #44 - Philippines pt. 1

In the Philippines the U.S. forces found a large number of wrecked Japanese aircraft, but all videos focus on Clark Field near Manila.

In the first video, from here, a number of badly destroyed IJAAF and IJNAF aircraft can be seen as well as General Douglas MacArthur visiting the airfield, littered with IJAAF bombs used as booby traps.

The second video, from here, is a longer version of the MacArthur's visit. He looks particularly interested in a "Betty" bomber.

The third video, from here, features U.S. soldiers inspecting a wrecked Nakajima Ki-49 "Donryu" (Helen). All the rear section is missing so the unit it belonged to is unknown. 

The forth video, source: here, starts with a quick view of the Clark Field with strafed and destroyed Japanese aircraft, mostly Kawasaki Ki-45 "Toryu" (Nick) followed by a very close inspection of a Mitsubishi G4M2Ab (or Model 24 Ko) of the 763Ku. We first presented this aircraft HERE.

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