Wednesday 28 July 2021

Eagle Eye #3 - Mitsubishi Ki-21 "Sally" & Fiat BR.20 "Cicogna" in hinomaru - update and "help wanted"

First of all we hope you are all in good health and somehow enjoy your summer vacations. We would like to apologize for being quiet on this blog the past couple of months. We have been working 24/7 to finish our new Eagle Eye, and we are very happy to announce that it's ready at about 90% and absolutely GREAT! So, expect this brand new publication of ours to go to the printers within the next couple of weeks.
Meanwhile, we would like to include a small table comparing "Sally" with other similar bombers of the era. As you probably know, we are quite "illeterate" when it comes to non-Japanese aircraft types and we found very confusing data on Wiki and elsewhere.
To be clear, we want to roughly compare the various aircraft types. Yes, there were various models of each aircraft type, some experimental with special equipment and modifications. Here, we want to compare the data of the "standard", most produced model, flying an average mission.  
So, would you like to help us out if you can?

Thank you guys!!! 


Honza78 said...

Best news over the past few months. I look forward.

David Brizzard said...

Yes, this is great news. Been looking forward to it also. Thanks.

Michael Thurow said...

Hi George, I sent you data on the Mitchell that I collated from various relevant sources. Cheers, Michael

carlo said...

From a copy of the 1936 Manual for assembly and tuning of the BR20

Empty weight: 6,500 kg
Total weight standard config.: 10,100 kg
Cruising speed: 340 km/h
Max speed at max weight: 430 km/h at 4000m, 394 km/h at 2000m, 384km/h at 6000m
Max Range: 3000 km (at max weight 5h30min flight time at 5000m and 350km/h,i.e. ~2000km)
Max ceiling: 7200 m
Max Bomb load: 1600kg (standard 1000kg)
Climb at max weight 3'35" to 1000m, 9'58" to 3000m, 25'30" at 6000m

Same manual but the 1940 edition puts the empty weight at 6650kg, and the total weight at 10250kg, the max speed 408km/h at 4000m for max weight while the absolute max speed is 410km/h at 4250m. Max actual ceiling 6750m.

Hope this helps.