Friday 26 August 2022

Mitsubishi ‘Babs’ Volume I by Picarella & Abe

Received the other day my complimentary copy of the latest MMP release, dedicated to the Mitsubishi Ki-15 "Babs". 

Title: Mitsubishi "Babs" vol. 1,  The world’s first high-speed strategic reconnaissance aircraft
Authors: Showzow Abe - Giuseppe Picarella
Illustratior: Giuseppe Picarella
Format: 30X21cm, hardback, 192 pages, all in colour
Photos: 117 B&W
Illustrations: 60 in colour, majority in 1:48 or 1:72 scales
Published by Mushroom Model Publications, 2022

The book has five chapters.
Chapter 1: Japanese land-based reconnaissance aircraft 1911-1935
Chapter 2: Made in Japan
Chapter 3: Strategic reconnaissance – uncharted territory
Chapter 4: kamikaze flight
Chapter 5: Changing the rules of the game

They detail the history of the Japanese reconnaissance aircraft types, the design development of the "Babs", short histories of the units that operated the type, the "Kamikaze" flight as well as the other, little-known civilian "Babs".

This is the only publication on the "Babs" in English, excellently illustrated, with plenty of photos and material. It will be accompanied by vol.2 which will feature more technical illustrations. 


Thank you very much, Joe and MMP for the copy.

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HantsBirder said...

Thank you for the excellent review, I've just received my copy and it is superb. I'm looking forward to Vol 2.

Just for info to any UK buyers, the book is available from "Booksetc" for a superb £23.47 including postage.