Saturday 24 December 2011

Nipponki '46: Deep Blue Fleet #4 "SENKI"

Carrier Tank Buster "Senki" (?)
Span: 13.8m
Length: 10.88m
Weight: 4960kg
Max Speed: 6725km/h
Range: 1360km
Armament: 1X35mm cannon, 6 air-to-ground rockets
Crew: 1 
The wings resemble a lot the "Ryusei" but how about the fuselage and jet engine? Any ideas? 


Harold K said...

I see your point about "Ryusei".
But my first impression was of a cross between a Ju-87 (that wing) and a Ryan FR-1 (dual powerplants).
With further modification, of course.

One thing certain: whoever is responsible for these fanciful designs has a good knowledge of Japanese WW II aircraft as well as a good imagination.

Raafif said...

these designs are great !
Us guys over at the What-if site are watching :-))

I might have a go at a "proper" 1946 Walter-powered I-400-class as the movie designs are tooo Soviet.

Iskender said...

This is clearly a Ju-87 influenced design, judging by wings, tailplanes, and front cowling's side view.

Anonymous said...

Top speed is very impressive.