Thursday 22 December 2011

Nipponki '46: Deep Blue Fleet #1 - 紺碧の艦隊 (Konpeki no Kantai)

This is the first in a series of postings about Japanese X-planes, what-if and fantasy projects.
First up is the manga/VHS/DVD series "Konpeki no Kantai" (Deep Blue Fleet).
Story by: Aramaki Yoshio
Art by: Imura Shinji
Published by: Tokuma Shoten (1992-1996) 20 Vols.
From Wikipedia:
"In Konpeki no Kantai's first episode, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto's death on April 18, 1943, still proceeds exactly as in the real event. Just before his damaged plane crashes into Bougainville Island, Yamamoto blacks out, before awakening in a ship quarters. Unclear about what has just happened, Yamamoto speaks with a crewman, and discovers that he is aboard the Japanese cruiser Nisshin. He is then informed that the date is May 28, 1905 and that Battle of Tsushima has just ended. Yamamoto realizes that he has somehow been transported back in time (or to a parallel world).
After Yamamoto decides to revert to his old name of Isoroku Takano, he vows to use his advance-knowledge of the next 38 years to ensure that Japan does not make the same mistakes as before.
Yamamoto's first priority is to spearhead a massive naval construction program. It involves building a large fleet of advanced battleships and supercarriers, nuclear submarines based on the design of the real-life I-400 Sen Toku submarine, and advanced combat aircraft that were in prototype or concept form during the late stages of the actual Pacific War.
His plan for success begins with a coup d'état against the hardline government of Army General Hideki Tōjō in late 1941, on the eve of the Pearl Harbor attack, and installing an ally, Lt Gen Yasaburo Otaka as prime minister. Otaka, who has also been transported back in time, agrees to work with Yamamoto to change history and ensure that the Japanese Empire emerges victorious against the United States in the Second World War."
First VHS of the series.

Cover of the 9th VHS.

Some sample pages from the manga.


Harold K said...

This is wonderful stuff; keep it coming.
I expect that a future project for you will be English subtitles for the entire series, so that those of us ignorant of Japanese can enjoy it ;-)

pbhawkin said...

YES, I agree Arawasi this is great. And I also would love to have an English translation.
Must try and find the books too.
I have some of the recent EGG planes from a similar Manga.

Peter HAwkins

Arawasi said...

Thank you very much for the support. Wish there was a translation.
Stay tuned for more types from the series and original designs of ours and vintage X-lanes!
Send us photos of your Japanese X-plane models!

Harold K said...

Looks now as if you've opened the old can of worms over on HS.
No surprise, that happens over there every day with one thing or another.

Arawasi said...

Well, now you know why the series has not been translated into English. Luft '46 is perfectly okay (as if the Nazis didn't do anything bad) but Japanese what-if planes are offensive.
Don't really care though. Not that interested in the series. Mostly on the planes. So I'll keep posting.

Harold K said...

Please do keep posting; over here.
Those of us who enjoy it know where it can be found.
As to the reaction on HS, remember that "no good deed goes unpunished".

D. Chouinard said...

Yes, do keep posting!
I don't know why people on HS can't look past certain issues which are not really there in the first place.