Sunday 10 June 2012

Kawasaki Ki-48 "Lily"

In the top photo, from a vintage publication, a Kawasaki Ki-48 of the Tokorozawa Rikugun Koku Seibi Gakko 所沢陸軍航空整備学校 (Army Maintenance School in Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture) is having one of the propellers back on after a thorough engine check. In the second photo another "Lily" from the same school is undergoing engine maintenance. Note that the prop colors are different; all brown in the top photo, unpainted in the second.

The prop warning sign, in katakana, on the fuselage side reads "キケン" (kiken) meaning "danger".


Iskender said...


Thank you for posting very interesting photos of Ki-48. I've seen one of them in Aircam #32, but in a much smaller size. Judging by the form and position of air scoops above and below the cowling, I assume it is a Ki-48-II and the engine should be Ha-115. What caught my attention is the large revs' regulator unit above the engine's carter (slightly offset to the right)on the first photo. It seems much larger than what I've seen on Ha-115/Sakae 21 pics available in different printed material on Ki-43 and A6M3/5. I wonder whether a different revs' regulator was used on Ha-115 fitted to Ki-48 compared to the ones used on single engined fighters?

Best regards,


Harold K said...

I always enjoy the human element in photos like these.
Obviously different climates, or at least seasons of the year, judging by the fellows in the first shot.
I like how one of them has taken it upon himself to get atop the cowling to direct things; leaving his mates do the real work with that heavy prop.

ZeroTheHero said...

@Harold K. Did you know that the prop assembly is actually quite heavy and VERY awkward?! With the absence of any hoist, lifting and sliding that prop onto the very precise and tightly fitting spline-shaft would be exponentially more difficult without him up there, holding the prop at the correct angle, he's not doing the heavy lifting but he's absolutely helping, nonetheless.