Friday 29 June 2012

Nakajima E4N1 by "Avion Road"

One of the two E4N1 prototypes that were built by Nakajima in December 1930 to replace the older Type 15 Rec. Seaplane was converted to a transport with two passengers after the design failed to meet the demands of the Navy. It was known as Giyu-11 after it was purchased by Kaibo Gikai in December 1934, a civilian non-profit volunteer association founded in 1922 dedicated to ensuring the safety of life and property at sea but also closely related to the Japanese Army and Navy. It flew on the Haneda (Tokyo), Shimizu  and Shimoda ( both in Shizuoka Prefecture) route by Tokyo Koku Yuso Kaisha. This small airline was founded in September 1928 by members of the Nihon Hiko Gakko to fly specifically on this route. By 1929 it had a twin seat Avro 504 and a Navy supplied Hansa Brandenburg single passenger floatplane. But most notably it was with this airline that Airgirls (present day cabin attendants) first flew in Japan in 1931.
Giyu-11 received the civilian registration J-BERG and was scrapped in 1936.

"Avion Road" shared again (here) with us photos of his marvelous model in 1/72, a resin kit by Choroszy Modelbud which according to the artist was of very high quality presenting no problems and was fun to build.

Thank you very much "Avion Road" for your contribution to our blog!


Jordi said...

Nice bird ! I like floatplanes of 30'.

Nice model too !

Alcides said...

I love the interwar planes. Do you have any 3d view of this one available?

Arawasi said...

Thanks Jordi and Alcides for the comments but I'm afraid I don't have any views of the specific airplane. Sorry.