Wednesday 26 September 2012

Accidents - IJAAF 3rd Rentai

On March 25, 1936 around 14:00, a Kawasaki KDA-2 (Type 88 Reconnaissance) experienced engine trouble while flying over Osaka, Minami-Kawachi-gun (South Kawachi District), Furuichi-machi (Furuichi city). Unfortunately both pilots perished when the aircraft crashed.
Furuichi-machi no longer exists but was generally in the area of Osaka's Habikino (here).
According to the caption the aircraft belonged to the "Yokaichi Hiko Rentai". Yokaichi was an airfield in Shiga Prefecture that officially started its opperations on January 11, 1922 and was the home of IJAAF's 3rd Daitai. In 1925 the unit was renamed to 3rd Rentai and had two Fighter and one Reconnaissance Chutai with a total of about 50 aircraft in its strength. The aircraft in the photo belonged to the Reconnaissance Chutai. In 1938 the unit was renamed the 3rd Sentai and was reorganised as a bomber unit.
Note the three red bands on the vertical but also on the horizontal tail surfaces; a very early IJAAF unit marking. Photo from a vintage publication.

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