Sunday 30 September 2012

Manga - "The Cockpit" #1

Staying home and getting tortured by typhoon No. 17, "Jelawat" decided to upload a U-Tube video featuring a part of one of the most important manga, "The Cockpit".
I hope you'll excuse us for any mistakes in the translation.

0:12-August 6, 1945...0:38-Today's escort includes "Shiden", right?...0:41-There are 40 fighters, of them 16 are "Shiden"...0:44-"Shiden" has short range so it's actually an interceptor. Until we reach our target only 24 "Rei-sen" will be escorting us...0:54-So, are they going to protect until we launch the "Ohka"?..1:03-Again? Sometimes the engine is coughing...1:07-You can't help it. Parts of the latest planes are built by junior-high and girl students...1:12-(joke difficult to translate...)And they're using pots and pans...1:21-Compared to the tin Tanks, the planes are much better...1:27-They should apologise to the soldiers for building this kind of Tanks. I wonder what the designer of the "Ohka" had in mind...1:35-I studied rocket engineering so I understand. The engineer who made him design it must have been very sorrowful. So, if they were actually going to build it at the very least it should have very high performance. Sorrowful, sorrowful...anyhow somobody has to get in the cockpit and if you fly it, there is no return...2:07-Eh, the "Shiden" are dropping their extra fuel tanks...2:10-Are they going back?..2:12-If they don't get back they won't have enough fuel...2:21-No, they just threw them away because they're empty...2:27-Enemy unit, north direction, 30 degrees, altitude 4,000, spotted. Ship protecting fighter units take-off immediately...2:36-They came, crazy bastards. Shoot them all down...2:56-Are you getting in already?..3:00-It's my coffin, I want to get used to it...3:20-Poor Nogami inside such a tight place, can you hear me?..3:25-The difference with the "1shiki Rikko" (Betty) is that I'm alone so I'm comfortable...3:29-I see. Hang in there...3:31-Thank you, LTJG Yamaoka..3:52-The enemy!..3:54-Right upper side, 30 degrees, enemy planes. All planes get into battle formation...4:00-Enemy fighters on the left upper side. They are coming down from the sun...4:05-Go! Shoot down the crazies...4:10-Dive and loop!..4:17-They shot the commander's plane...4:52-Get away! Fly under the cloud shadow...4:55-We can't get rid off one of them...4:56-Shake it off no matter what...5:03-You can't get away from me...5:07-Our right wing is shot...5:08-Damn, we lose fuel...5:22-Lieutenant, release me. You'll become lighter...5:25-Stupid! Not yet. Only when we see the enemy ships...5:31-He's coming again!..5:32-Coming, coming, coming!..5:38-Enough. Release me quickly...5:42-We're still flying...5:44-RELEASE ME!..5:50-Cherry blossom, finished off...5:53-Albert, right side up enemy planes...6:06-I see the enemy...6:08-Thank you. That's enough. Thank you...6:13-Nogami, I'm leaving it to you...6:31-There he goes. He switched his rocket on...6:38-Sorry...6:41-One enemy rocket plane approaching...6:44-What? Cherry blossom, the human bomb...6:57-No good. It's too fast...7:38-Damn. Broke the sound barrier. What's that? From the Japanese plane? A photo with a woman with a koto* on her back? Crazy!..8:00-Captain sudden message. Right now the atomic bomb has been dropped on Hiroshima ...8:13-Everybody's crazy. The enemy. Us. Everybody's crazy.
8:38-The history of the human guided bomb was a short lived vain dream. In the Pacific the "Ohka" units spilled their blood. What is left now is big nuclear missiles. The nuclear bombs are waiting to ruin the world and...they don't have a heart (spirit).
9:12-April 1961, first flight to space...July 1969, man on the moon.

For more about the story check HERE.


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