Sunday 9 September 2012

Hansa Brandenburg W29 by Thilo-Arndt Möller Pt. 1

Some months ago I started building a Hansa Branderburg W29. I was looking for information and drawings on the net and found that there was an article on the Japanese Hansa Type in an Arawasi magazine issue. I bought the Sept-Dec 2007, issue 7, and...I changed my mind. I decided to build the colourful Japanese J-BAWI Hansa.
Below are some photos on my in-progress model. As you can see there is a lot of work to be done. At the moment I'm working on the frames of the floats.
It will be an electric powered RC model. The wingspan is 1550mm and the weight should be about 2100gr.
I will keep you updated for any progress I make.
Thilo-Arndt Möller - Rostock, Germany

More information and photos today from the artist.
Ok, here are some more information.
My Hansa is a "classical" construction. For the fuselage I use 3 mm plywood for the frames and 1,5 mm balsa for covering. The floats are made of 3 mm balsa frames and 2 mm balsa for covering. To make the floats waterproof I will use a cover of thin (25 g/m2) fibreglass. Steel and carbon fibre tube are used for the float rack. This materials are connected with high strength 0,3 mm fishing line and epoxy clue.
The wing has a carbon fibre tube as a spar and 2 mm balsa rips.
Wing and stabilizer will be covered in an old-fashioned way. I use Japanese tissue paper (12 or 18 gram) and chipping paint (I am not sure if is this the right translation...).
Here are some new pics. You can see parts of the rack, the stabilizer with the starting covering and the forward fuselage with some holes for the dummy motor.

Oh my goodness!!! What an amazing model!!!
Yes, Thilo-A. Please do keep us updated!

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