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Publications useful for modelers with plenty of photos, artwork and illustrations.

Title: Maru Mechanic Extra #2 - Kawanishi Type 2 Flying boot (sic) (H8K)
Author: Various
Published by: Ushio Shobo, 1984 pb, out-of-print
Pages: 170, Size: 19X26cm
A Special Maru Mechanic publication combining MM#19 and #24 full of photos and technical illustrations of the Kawanishi H8K "Emily". Old but recommended.

Title: Famous Airplanes of the World #49 - Type 2 Flying Boat
Author/artwork: Nohara Shigeru
Published by: Bunrindo, 1994 pb, out-of-print 
Pages: 88, Size: 18X26cm Photos: 149 (21 in color)
FAOWs are best for their collection of photographs. Good but now outdated.

Title: Aero Detail #31 - Kawanishi H8K "Emily" Type 2 Flying Boat
Author/artwork: Nohara Shigeru, Iinuma Kazuo
Published by: Dainippon Kaiga, 2003 pb, in-print
Pages: 104, Size: 21X30cm Photos: 315 (most in color)
Although it includes parts of the maintenance manual and not all the FAOW photos, this is the best overall publication on the "Emily" and is highly recommended to all modelers interested in an in-depth coverage of the plane. The text is in Japanese and English. There are two most helpful pages with sample pieces of the original paints found on the last surviving "Emily".

Title: Model Art #541 - Type 2 Flying Boat & IJNAF Flying Boats
Author/artwork: Nohara Shigeru
Published by: Model Art, 1999 pb, out-of-print
Pages: 200, Size: 18X26cm
MA#541 includes all the maintenance manual of the "Emily" with plenty of photos but also (and more importantly) the maintenance manual of the H6K "Mavis" also with a good number of photos. There is also brief coverage of the earlier types of flying boats and a modeling guide in the back pages. All the text is in Japanese but if you are looking only one publication for the Flying Boats of the IJNAF, this is the one.

Title: "Nippon No Hikotei"
(Imperial Japanese Navy Flying Boat [sic])
Author/artwork: Nohara Shigeru
Published by: Kojinsha, 2007 pb, in-print
Pages: 233, Size: 15X21cm, Photos: 200 (26 in color)
Nohara-san re-released the out-of-print MA#541 with Kojinsha in smaller size and expanded it to include whatever has survived of the blueprints of the Type 98 Reconnaissance Seaplane or Aichi E11A1. Cheaper, convenient and more readily available but of smaller size, this publication is highly recommended.

Title: "Ni-shiki Taitei To Hikotei"
(Type 2 Flying Boat & IJNAF Flying Boats)
Author: Nohara Shigeru, Fukushima Iwao, Horiba Wataru, Saito Yoshiro
artwork: Kobayashi Katsumi
3DCG: Harada Keiji
Published by: Gakken, 2008 pb, out-of-print
Pages: 161, Size: 18X26cm
A very good publication by Gakken in their "Rekishi Gunzo Sirizu" on the Japanese flying boats including those employed by the JIETAI (Japanese Self Defence Force). Excellent 3DCG illustrations detailing the "Emily" and a good selection of photographs. Recomended as supplementary to the above books but out-of-print and quite difficult to be located.  

ALL publications are available through our on-line store HERE but note that availability of FAOW#49 and the Gakken is erratic. 

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