Tuesday 2 April 2013

Japanese X-plane Library #3

Title: "Seimitsu Zumen O Yomu-Nihon RikuKaigun Shisakuki"
(Design With Precision #4: Japanese Army & Navy Experimental Aircraft) 
Author/Artist: Matsuba MinoruPublished by: Kantosha, 1997 p/b, Out-of-print
Pages: 196 Size: 21 X 30 cm 
Multi-view illustrations in 1:48 by the late artist Matsuba Minoru, with photos, data and short history of the following X-planes: Kawasaki Ki-5, Ki-28, Ki-45, Ki-60, Ki-64, Tachikawa Ki-70, Kawasaki Ki-78, Mitsubishi Ki-83, Nakajima Ki-87, Kawasaki Ki-88, Manpi Ki-98, Mitsubishi J4M1 "Senden", Nakajima J5N1 "Tenrai", Kawanishi J6K1 "Jinpu", Mitsubishi A7M2 "Reppu", Yokosuka R2Y1 "Keiun", Kawanishi E15K1 "Shiun", Aichi S1A1 "Denko".
An excellent publication, highly recommended to all Japanese X-plane fans!

Although the publication is out-of-print and fairly difficult to be found, the individual illustrations were originally featured in various issues of the magazine Aireview, and these together with DWP#4 are occasionally available through our magazine. Ask for availability.

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