Friday 5 July 2013

Gasuden Koken-ki #4

There are three Koken-ki clips on YouTube.

Uploaded by the son of Yamamoto Mineo, one of the key members of the Koken Project. Visit his site: HERE
There is also the brilliant artwork by artist Koike Sigeo featured in this very informative site: HERE & HERE.

(If the artist feels uncomfortable having his artwork featured on our blog,
it only takes an email and we'll remove it immediately)
And one more vintage ad featuring the Koken-ki.
(Nitto Black Tea)
A pure domestic product shining all over the world! The giant eagle and Nitto black tea are the symbols of the remarkable progress of Japan.
New product, available from: Mitsui Busan KK, Nitto Takushoku Norin KK.
The tea is still available today, here.

In 1939 a 12 sen stamp was released commemorating the flight.  


Jacob Terlouw said...

Hi Geroge,

A most remarkable plane, very nice good quality footage!(and other artwork)
Thanks for showing.


D. Chouinard said...

Koike-san's artwork captured the subject very well, I always enjoy seeing his work.

Interesting to see the aircraft in flight.