Saturday 13 July 2013

Japanese X-plane Library #4

Title: "Rikukaigun Shisaku Sentoki" (Army/Navy Experimental Fighters)
Author: Komine Bunzo, Kunimoto Yasufumi, Tanaka Kazuo, Ibukuro Toyohiko
Published by: Gakken 2001 p/b, out-of-print
Pages: 182, Size: 18X26cm, Photos: 132 of which 26 in colour, CG Illustrations: 24 in colour.

An excellent publication by Gakken with plenty of very realistic and inspiring CG illustrations by Hosaka Muneo and a good collection of high quality photos of four types: Mitsubishi "Reppu, Kyushu J7W1 "Shinden", Mitsubishi Ki-83 & Tachikawa Ki-94. Includes manual drawings of the four as well as super detailed "Shiden" interior illustration fold-out and multi-view drawings of all four  aircraft in 1/100.  

The book is all in Japanese and highly recommended to all Japanese X-plane fans.
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