Monday 22 July 2013

Vintage magazine cover

Cover of the July 1930 issue of magazine "Koku Jidai"...83 years ago. Another brilliant artwork by artist Suzuki Gyosui (see previous posting here). 

The flying boat is a Dornier Do J Wal belonging to the Nippon Koku Yuso KK, with the registration J-BARH and named "Kamitaka". It was the first Wal built by Kawasaki with parts imported from Germany and various modifications including changing the engines from Rolls-Royce Eagle, 360hp, to Kawasaki-BMW-VI, 500hp, and making room for six passengers in the front part of the fuselage with windows and cargo in the rear. The cockpit on this plane was located behind the passenger cabin. It was completed in October 1930 and tests in Kobe were most sasatisfactory. It was placed in the Osaka-Fukuoka route. The illustration shows the plane before it's completion without the name "Kamitaka" written on the fuselage side in hiragana

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