Tuesday 2 December 2014

Mitsubishi G3M "Nell"

A photo from a vintage publication today featuring a forward view inside a "Nell's" cockpit. The reconnaissance observer, on the left and the co-pilot, in front of him, are having a bento during the long and arduous flight. We discussed the bento and the in-flight provisions in a previous posting HERE.
What is more visible in this photo are a number of instruments including the Mk.2 Model 2 Tachometer right next to the stick on the left, the Type 0 Autopilot above it and clockwise on the instrument panel the Model 3 Airspeed Indicator, the Model 2 Turn-and-bank Indicator, the Mk.2 Model 1 Oil Pressure Gauge and the Model 5 Oil Temperature Gauge.


Harold K said...

The co-pilot is on the left?
Was this standard IJN practice, that the pilot/aircraft commander would take the right seat?

Arawasi said...

Correct, Harold. In the IJAAF it was the opposite. Pilot port, co-pilot starboard.

Harold K said...

Fascinating; in all the many years of my interest in aviation history, I don't recall seeing this (about the IJN) before.
Cheers George.