Saturday 23 May 2015

Shizuoka 2015 #6

Ise Flying Venus (Mie Pre.)
Zu-Klone (Fukushima Pref.)


Sendai Yoku San-kai (from Sendai city) 


Stall (Tokyo)
Contrail (Gunma Pref.)

Tokushima Modelers Club (Tokushima Pref.)
Flying Tigers (Osaka)

Excellent "Sally" in 1/48. Contrail vacform kit. 

The Oshiire Modelers Club (Tokyo-Fukuoka-San Francisco!)
Excellent collection of "Betty" and "Nell" models.
The "Nells" are Koster vacform!

Ichi Ichi Club (net)

Smithsonian model club (Shizuoka)

That's all for today. Tomorrow will post the best of the show! Stay tuned.

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Jacob Terlouw. said...

Hi George,
Great! Thanks for sharing this wonderful show with us on the blog.

Jacob Terlouw.Jacob