Monday 20 July 2015

Japanese Douglas DC-5

In this posting of a vintage photo a few days ago I was wondering about the type of aircraft in the background and there were a few very good suggestions; thank you guys. Well, personally I think it's the captured Douglas DC-5. According to Wikipedia:
A dozen DC-5s were completed. The first two initially flew the Paramaribo-Curaçao route, and the other two operated from Batavia (now Jakarta, Indonesia). Three aircraft were used for the 1942 evacuation of civilians from Java to Australia, during which PK-ADA was damaged in an air strike by the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force at Batavia Kemajoran Airport on February 9, 1942 and it was abandoned. Japanese forces captured PK-ADA, subsequently repaired and tested it at Tachikawa Airfield and Haneda Airport during 1943. This DC-5, painted in camouflage with Japanese Imperial Army Air Force markings, was later used as a transport in the Japanese Home Islands.
Here's a photo from the Wiki entry:

And here's another one from a vintage publication.
"Classic" sent over more info:
The DC-5 was flown to Tachikawa Air Force Base, Japan by Huruo Odagiri. Test flown by Japanese Air Technical Intelligence Group.
During the next two years the aircraft was extensively flight tested and the Japanese were particularly interested in the wing slots, dihedral tailplane and the relationship of the design to the Douglas A-20. Apparently, results of these tests were disappointing to the Japapense, who expected it to compare with the DC-3.
Served as experimental transport and radio-navigation trainer.
Thanks a lot "Classic".


Anonymous said...

What publication does this photo come from?

Harold K said...

Mmmm ... I agree with Darryl that it's the DC-4E. Much bigger than a DC-5.
In any case, I'm glad to see these two pics of the ex-Dutch DC-5; they are new to me.

Arawasi said...

>Anonymous said...
>What publication does this photo come from?

The first from Wikipedia, the second from a vintage one and if you leave your name I'll give you full details.

Alex said...
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Jacob Terlouw said...

Hi guys

This DC-5 even survived the war and I think that was at Haneda- the proof is in some footage
on Critical Past: search for;
Japanese planes parked in airfield of Tokyo Municipal Airport- and take a good look. it's without engines and almost sitting on it's tail!

Arawasi said...

Hi Alex,
the title of the book is: "Tekiki Kaibo" (anatomy of enemy aircraft), published in Febr. 1943

Jacob Terlouw said...

Hi George,
That's quite interesting, are here anymore pic's-Buffalo's, Ryans STM or so??

Arawasi said...

Yes, there are Jacob but I'm afraid you'll have to wait until the next Arawasi magazine issue!

Jacob Terlouw said...

Hi George,
Perfect!!! Can't wait.