Sunday 12 July 2015

Vintage Ad - Asahi Shimbun Air Fleet

The "Asahi Shimbun" ad from a vintage publication below features a very interesting photo with some aircraft from the newspaper's fleet and their names.
From right to left:
"Asagumo" (morning cloud) - Mitsubishi MC-20 - J-BAAP
"Asanagi" (morning calmness) - Mitsubishi G3M "Nell" - J-BAAS
"Kisaragi" (old name for "February") - Tachikawa Ki-36 "Ida" - J-BAAR
"Amakaze" (heavenly wind) - Mitsubishi Ki-15-II - J-BAAO 
"Shiokaze" (salty sea wind) - Severski 2PA-B3 - J-BAAN
"Umikaze" (sea wind) - Severski 2PA-B3 - J-BAAQ
"Asakaze" (morning wind) - Mitsubishi Ki-15-I - J-BAAL


Anonymous said...


I wonder if the Kamikaze record-breaking aircraft didn't include in this list?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the date of that photo?