Sunday 8 November 2015

Japanese Spad 11A2, Standard H.3 Trainer and Nieuport 24C1

More vintage colourized postcards today.
First up three postcards of a Spad 11A2 Reconnaissance. The Japanese Army imported six of them in November 1919. They were employed by the French as reconnaissance and were later assigned to the Shimoshizu Reconnaissance Group, the predecessor to the Shimoshizu Army School which specialised in Reconnaissance training. The aircraft arrived camouflaged in the French colours of dark green, light green and brown. 

Next a postcard featuring one of the three Standard H.3 trainers imported by Japan in 1917. The Wikipedia entry is correct with one correction. The high speed of the aircraft required a long airfield and Tokorozawa was deemed dangerous since it was too short for this type. So the aircraft were tested in the newly founded airfield in Kagamigahara. 
And finally two postcards with Japanese Nieuport 24C1s. Arawasi International issue #12 had an extensive article on this type. Note the RED star on the tail and on all wing positions. We discussed this marking HERE and we believe that this marking was not an early marking before the endorsement of the hinomaru but it was applied by previous owners before these aircraft were exported to Japan.


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Bluewarrior said...

Hi Arawasi, at last find an image of the type HEÏ 2 SPAD-Herbemont S.20, the second postcard is a S.20 no 11A2, have you some more data about the S.20?, acording wikipedia and other sites Japan bought 3 SPAD-Herbemont S.XX trought Mitsubishi, and other sites mention that was only one, can you give more information?, thanks a lot.