Monday 23 November 2015

Scale Model World 2015 - Japanese Aviation SIG Pt. 1

Gary Wenko sent over a thorough report accompanied by plenty of photos of the Scale Model World 2015 at Telford and the Japanese Aviation SIG.
Here's what he had to say about the event:
We had a grand showing at Telford at the weekend. Two days, reminiscent of drinking from a fire hose. Our table was full and attached is a photo of the full display. Special thanks to Bill Anderson, Paul Bebbington, Richard Brooker, Dick Delaney, Julien Dixon, John Drummond, Tom Hall, Peter James and Peter Terry. If I've missed someone off, I apologize, but I was one pretty-rushed-off-my-feet kind of guy both days.
I'd like to share with you something that I thought was really special. Tom Hall, an American member who resides in the States, posted a model to us for display. He sent it Special Delivery and it cost him £40 to so so. I am humbled by that effort. Thanks Tom!
As you may well know, we are involved with three awards at Scale ModelWorld: First, there is a lovely salver, paid for by Peter Starkings, for the "Best Japanese Aviation Subject" in the formal competition. Second, we have plaque for the "Best Japanese Aviation Subject" on any branch or SIG stand (not our display) in the three halls. Third, we formerly sponsored the Dennis Earth award, to commemorate a long time member of our SIG and founding member of IPMS Fenland and Spalding. We offered the award and Fenland/Spalding would judge it. From this year on the plaque is a returnable one, held for just the year.
There were sixteen entries in the formal competition and our JASIG award went to Stano Pauliecek of the Czech Republic for his 1/72 Ki-45 Nick. It is a cracker.
The "halls" JASIG award went to Bob Foster, IPMS Lancashire, for his 1/48 F-15 J.
The Meisei award, in honor of Dennis Earth, went to Phillip Hughs, Wirral IPMS, for his 1/32 A6M5 Zero.
It was a good weekend albeit busy.  We had fourteen folks submit membership forms to allow the SIG to continue through 2016. Thanks!
- Gary Wenko -







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