Sunday 1 November 2015

Arawasi International Extra #2 - NOW OUT!

Our latest publication - Arawasi International Extra #2 - is now out and available!
Price is $US15 (postage not included) and you can order it from THIS link of our on line store.
As with the previous Extra #1 it includes articles featured in past issues of our magazine, most of them corrected and expanded with more photos and material. This latest issue includes:
-SPECIAL ALBUM: Nakajima E8N "Dave"- 25 black/white photos (most published for the very first time), high-quality colour profiles and scale illustrations in 1/48, of this rather forgotten but important floatplane of the IJNAF.
Special thanks to David Brizzard for his contribution and support.
Text: Editors / Illustrations: Zygmunt Szeremeta
-The Fukuda Hikari 6.2 Glider Text: Mike Goodwin
-From Art Deco to Bauhaus - Assisted by excellent photos and artwork, Arawasi International brings you a story within a story: How the elegant Nippon Kokusai TK-3 civil transport morphed into the functional Kokusai Ki-59 military utility.
Text: Mike Goodwin / Illustrations: Zygmunt Szeremeta
-Hiro's Farewell: H4H Flying Boat Series - A must-read for all Imperial Japanese Naval Air Force (IJNAF) fans! Comes complete with great photos, two of which has never been published before! Just in case you're ever asked, “What was the first IJNAF flying boat to see service in a war zone?”
Text: Paul Thompson
-Japanese Civil Aircraft Registers Up To 1945 - An article that puts in order and explains the system by which Japanese civilian aircraft received their registrations and markings.
Text: Peter Starkings
-Young Japan: Forgotten Symbol of Pioneer Era, Pt. 1 - In 1931, two Japanese pilots-one of whom had only recently qualified-set out to fly from Tokyo to Rome in a trainer biplane that had been rejected by the military.
Text: Yanagisawa Koji
-Wewak, the Early Days Pt.2 - Second and final part of an article on this significant IJAAF base accompanied by vintage photos.
Text: Richard Dunn
And, in case you are wondering, we are currently working on issue #13 of our magazine. If we make it it will come out by the end of this year or the beginning of the next. Stay Tuned!


Honza78 said...

But, gentlemen! It is not fair . . .
Now, lest I went to sleep and just worked. : D
Well what I'm going to save. ;)
Good work, keep it up!

David Brizzard said...

Long awaited good news. I will order 6 copies.
1 for myself, others for local friends here in my area.
We are all looking forward to this issue.
I think it is mainly due to the Dave article.

Unknown said...

It is waiting!

Bernhard said...

That is great. I will order one sample.