Wednesday 8 March 2017

Aichi E16A "Zuiun" (Paul) - #5 - video

A few years back we put up a series of posts on the Aichi E16A "Zuiun" (Paul), here
Today's video is from the NHK collection dated January 25, 1945.
According to the narator: "A Navy seaplane base in the Philippine area. Dead or alive, the battle for the Luson island has become fierce. Armed with bombs our Sea Wild Eagles fly to the battlefield. We will all fight like Special Attack Units against the material superiority of the enemy. We will fight. With all our strength. Regardless if we live or die the Sea Wild Eagles will fly to the battlefield to protect the Imperial land.
Check the link above for info about the location, unit etc.

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David Brizzard said...

Thanks again for more great Floatplane stuff.