Sunday 26 March 2017

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 004 - MARK JAHSAN

I don’t know about having the best Oscar, so I’m going for the most!
There’s a single Nichimo I in 1st markings, then seven Otaki II’s. One from the box in 25th.
The Thai Royal elephant markings came from the Nichimo kit, the rectangle insignia from the AMT Hawk 75 kit. The Thai roundels, Indonesian and Communist Chinese came from the Bestfong sheet.
Finally the French one was cobbled from spares.
Love those Otaki kits.
Mark Jahsan - Michigan, USA


Arawasi said...

An extra cool and diverse collection! I like it! 3.9

Honza78 said...

Uffff. Now grandma all the time! : D
So I take it as a whole. Very beautiful pieces.
I vote for 4.0 points. ;)

Jacob said...

I cannot choose-love 'm all! 4.0

Anonymous said...

It's like a family portrait! I can't choose one I like more than the rest.

Winds Swords

D.Chouinard said...

Really cool! I like them all! 4.0

The kit slayer said...

Nice ,well made and finished collection.

Calin Ungureanu said...

4.5 for the diversity of finishes, and for your love of the subject.

Fluffy said...

Solid collection. 4.0 This makes me want to build some more! :)

Michael Furry said...

Great display and variety of schemes. Your collection is very inspiring. 4.0.

Unknown said...

An amazing collection this is!
More photos would do it even better justice.
4.0 for me.