Saturday 18 March 2017

Modelling Civilian Japanese Aviation Subjects

Continuing from this post, Derek Cooper sent over this most helpful list explaining:
Here's a list of some kits that are available with Japanese civilian options in the box. They are all 1/72 scale unless indicated otherwise.
Airspeed Envoy J-BDEO - RS Models 92102
Breda Ba.33 J-BANC - Dujin DA72213 (resin)
DH 80A Puss Moth J-BAXA - Omega Models 72377 (resin)
Douglas DC-2 (1/144 scale) J-BBCO - CMR 144-010
Douglas DC-2 J-BCOH - MPM
Fokker F.VIIb/3m J-BBZO - Valom 72071
Lockheed Altair J-BAUC - LF Models 7280 (resin)
Messerschmitt Bf.108 Taifun J-BACC - KP 0081
Mitsubishi Karigane I “Kamikaze” J-BAAI - Arii 53009
Mitsubishi Karigane I “Kamikaze” J-BAAI - LS A300
Mitsubishi Karigane I “Kamikaze” J-BAAI & J-BAAL - Hasegawa 00845
Mitsubishi Twin-Engined Transport “Nippon” J-BACI - Arii 53019
Mitsubishi MC-20 J-BAOR - Planet Models (resin)
Mitsubishi Type 90 General Purpose Aircraft (K3M3) J-AFTB - AZ Models 72078
Nakajima AN-1 (Ki-11) J-BBHA - Choroszy Modelbud (resin)
Ryan NPY-2 J-BACC - RS Models 92158
Savoia S.62 J-BBWI - Dekno (resin)

Seversky 2PA-B3 J-BAAN - Kora 72121 (resin)
Tachikawa Ki-36 “Kisaragi” J-BAAR - Fujimi 32861
Tachikawa KS J-AARD - A-Model 72236
You are all most welcome to send more information on this little touched upon subject. If you have any of the above kits do send images of the boxes.

Flying Papa's Decals, available exclusively from our on-line store here, has released two sets of decals for civilian aircraft in Japanese service.

Messerschmit 108 Taifun Yomiuri Shimbun J-BACC in 1/72 (72C-003) & 1/48 (48C-008)

Seversky 2PA-B3 "Civil P-35" 48C-003


David Brizzard said...

Very interesting. Thanks for posting.
Hope to see more box tops.

D. Chouinard said...

The LS Ki-15 is nice despite it's age, better in some ways to the Hasegawa kit. I wonder, though, about the colors for the Lockheed Altair. The box art reminds me of the old Aurora Zero!

In Famous Aircraft of the World #153 there are some interesting photos of civil registered Ki-21 types. MPM made a 1/72nd kit, and so did Revell, the latter being particularly hard to find.