Saturday 15 July 2017

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 005 - CALIN UNGUREANU

I send a few pictures of my latest build. A Yokosuka E14 "Glen", Fujimi in 1/72.
For this model I reformed the lower part of the fuselage.
I completely remodeled the cockpit area. Struts on the lateral walls, control panels for front and aft positions, radio equipment, middle compass and separation structure between posts. I also made the semicircular rail for the machine gun in the rear. The machine gun is stowed in the rear cockpit on the right wall.
Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures prior to closing the whole fuselage.
The steps on the front float struts was also replaced with more accurate ones.
The colors used for the overall scheme was a mix of paints from Gunze range - Hemp and J3 grey. Previously a red-brown primer was applied on all surfaces.
The red on the tail was matched with the decals and better suited for that was Tamiya's red.
The propeller was enhanced with metal covering for the leading edge and tips of the blades, done with self adhesive aluminum foil. The rest of the propeller was appropriately painted to represent lacquered wood, by applying a base of wood color and then brush transparent acrylic color with a stiff rare bristles brush.
After completion of the construction I noticed that the position on floats didn't reflect reality, as the model was prone to it's nose, while the real plane had a more tail down position. But it was too late for surgery.
I also replaced the unique rudder (?!?) with scratch ones from plasticard, which were again painted to represent wood.
The radio cable was made with elastic thread.
I weathered the upper parts by spraying a fine dust of buff to represent the action of UV rays of the powerful Pacific sun (the aircraft was tested in its home harbor for quite some time). Scratches and chipping was done on the walk way area both to the primmer and to the bare metal (or fabric) depth.
- Calin Ungureanu -


The kit slayer said...

I like the finish you have achieved. Nice looking model I especially like the prop blade detail. Some very high standards in this comp. 4.8

Honza78 said...

Beautiful airplane. A great model.

Anonymous said...

Another great effort, especially considering the small scale plus a small aircraft. Despite the small scale the model has many fine details, like the propeller. I vote 4.9 for this.
Calin, can you tell us what the small detail on the cowling in front of the windscreen is? The one that is painted in aotake. Congratulations on a great result.

Wind Swords

Michael Thurow said...

Very appealing model! I particularly like the detail of the front section, the colours and the weathering. A little more care around the canopy, e.g. a seamless fit and thinner frames, would make a perfect result. My rating: 4.7

Mark Jahsan said...

Nice weathering and some small details. 4.7

D. Chouinard said...

Very nice! my only niggle is the weathering on the wing roots looks "muddy" for a sea going aircraft. The rest looks fantastic. 4.8

Eric Vogel said...

This is a beautiful little gem. Good work on the prop blade, I like the overall " finish" of the plane very much.
Vote : 4.9

Arawasi said...

I like this one a lot. This paint scheme and markings is actually often seen with Glen models. I've never seen a photo of the real thing though. If anyone has a photo please send over. 4.9

Fluffy said...

That prop looks great!

I give mad props for that :P Anyway, 4.6